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Complete collection SMLE-2019


SMLE collections only July 2019

N.B: I'm just writing the questions from WhatsApp groups, nothing

corrected yet.

1- All ethics are repeated.

2- 90% of pediatrics are repeated from Masoud file.

3- Picture of CTG.

4- Picture of impetigo.


6- ECG Left BBB.

7- Most common cause of domestic violence?A- Cigarettes smoking

B- Second pregnancy

C- Marital dissociation

8- Female operation prevention of Dvt

A- Enoxaparin

B- Aspirin

C- Unfractionated heparin

D- Foundoparix

9- Stroke after 4h ttt?

A- Aspirin

B- Clopidegrol


D- thrombolytics

10- Female with history of stress incontinence for 3 years and she has

very week pelvic muscles. TTT?

A- Pelvic floor exercise for 6 wk

B- Anticholinergic for 6wks

C- Surgical ttt

11- Treatment of Bilateral varicose veins?

A- Sclerotgerapy

B- Ligation

C- Endovascular strippling

12- Most significant risk factor of cerebral palsy?

A- Prematurity

B- Perinatal asphyxia

C- Genetic abnormalities

D- Low birth weight

13- Pt with bronchial asthma, cyanosed, canʼt speek, RR 20, HR 130.



B- Mechanical ventilation


D- Steroid

14- UTI pt culture gram +ve bacilli catalase negative, empirical AB?

A- Nitrofurantoin

B- Cephalosporins

C- Pipracillin Tazobactam

15- RA on Steroid and Methotrexate complains of joint swelling and

pain, +ve high WBCs in joint aspirate. TTT?

A- IV antiobiotic

B- Intra-articular antibiotic

C- High steroid

16- Pt with Squamous cell carcinoma, PTH low or normal, Ca high. Dx?

A- Primary hyperparathyroidism


C- Parathormone like peptide

17- DKA pt given fluid then he became agitated with low Na and K.

Serum osmolarity low, Urine osmolarity low. Dx?

A- Volume overload


18- Hypertensive not diabetic pt with non-healed ulcer on the lateral

malleolus. Best initial test?

A- Venous doppler

B- Pulsation distal for ulcer


D- Arterial duplex

19- Pt with IV shunt for dialysis developed fever after 3 days. Next step?

A- Culture, antibiotic and remove shunt

B- Antibiotic, continue dialysisi

C- Culture, postpone dialysis for 3 days

20- Exercise induced asthma, best ttt inhaled before exercise?

A- Salbutamol

B- Steroid

C- Salmeterol

D- Ipratropium

21- Case of SLE on ttt presented with anemia,

Low hb, high reticulocytes, high LDH, cause of anemia?

A- Hemolytic

B- Anemia of chronic disease


22- Case of IDA what increase?


23- High reticulocytes and LDH, Dx?

A- Hemolytic anemia

24- Case with ectopic pregnancy ask about source of bleeding?

A- Cervix

B- Vagina

C- Fallopian tubes

D- Peritoneum

25- Child with otitis media, causitive organism?

A- Adenovirus

B- Rhinovirus

A- Tibial

B- Common peroneal

C- Deep peroneal

D- Superficial peroneal

27- What assiciated with biliary colic?

A- Bilirubin

B- Alkaline phosphatase

28- Case with macrocytic anemia. Cause?

A- Giardiasis infection

29- Vesicular mole.

30- Complete breech.

31- Child with adisson, ttt?

A- Steroid daily

32- Female with primary sclerosing cholangitis with MRCP results. The

next appropriate test for diagnosis?

A- Colonoscopy


C- Liver biopsy

33- Pt with hyperkalemia, creatinine above 200. TTT?

A- Ca gluconate

B- Dialysis

34- Bad prognosis of schisophrenia?

A- Psychosis at the attack

26- Fructure fibula, which nerve affected?

B- Onset at adolescence

35- Bad prognosis of alzheimer?

A- Agitation

B- Forget names and appointment

C- Can't complete reading during setting

D- Something verbal

36- Pregnant 37 weeks, came with ROM and abdominal pain with

vaginal bleeding and fetal bradycardia. Dx?

A- Abrupto placentae

B- Vasa previa

C- Placenta previa

37- Hydatid cyst.

38- Palpitation, heart rate 150. TTT?

A- Adenosine

B- Carotid massage

C- Amiodarone

39- Screening for HTN in non risky?

A- 18

B- 25

C- 50

D- 65

40- Female hypertensive and smoker during ovarian cystectomy

developed hypotension, hypoxia and tachycardia. Dx?


B- Hemorrhage

C- septic shock

41- Ectopic simple management.

42- Early antepartum hemorrhage (about ectopic and molar).

43- Late antepartum hemorrhage (about abrupto and previa).

44- Urinary stress incontinence.

45- Multipara delivered 6 or 7, had urinary incontinence, dysuria. Dx?

A- Urethrocele

B- Vesicocele

C- Stress

D- Overflow

46- Pap smear show squmous cell. Management?

A- Colposcopy guided biopsy

B- Chemotherapy

C- Hysterectomy

47- Pt with MALToma How to ttt?

A- Antibiotic

48- Pt refuse to do CS. What to do?

A- Refer to another doctor

B- Consent from husband

C- Do vaginal delivery

D- Do CS

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49- Postparum depression for 3 months. TTT?

A-Low dose anti depressant

B- Continue breast feeding

C- Sharing of family members

50- Cervical incompetenc 2 questions (diagnosis and when to do


51- Salpingitis.

52- Most common organism that causes tubal block?

53- Bacterial vaginosis ttt and diagnosis.

54- Vaginal candidiasis.

55- ECV absolute contraindications.

56- Pap smear, suspicion of cancer.

57- SOB, EF normal, ER?

A- No need any?!

58- Cardiomyopathy diagnosis.

59- Gastroenteritis loss fluid.

60- IVC pressure?

A- Hypotension

61- Post menopausal bleeding

A. With endometrial hyperplasia

B. -uppoposed estrogen

62- Old pt was in apicnic reported recurrent fall and developed headache and

signs of lateralization

X ray normal

A. subdural hematoma

B. brain abbess

C. stroke

63- Post splenectomy the pt develop fever chest and abd pain increase with

respiration dullness on the lower lung

A. lower lobar pneumonia

B. -subdisphragmatic abcess

64- Pt with jaundice dilated common bile duct and shrunken gall bladder

A. preampillary carcinoma

B. gall bladder carcinoma

65- Pathology of rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis

66- Open wound in zone 3 of the neck

A. —vascular ligation

B. -open wound arterial ligation

C. -open wound bypass

67- Pt with septic shock what shouldn’t be given to pt

A. fluids

B. antibiotics

C. Dobutamine

D. Steroids

68- Pt with web lash injury

A. perforated stomach

B. -perforated duodenum

C. lone jejunal tear

69- Neonate with congenital diaphragmatic hernia what the initial step

A. immediate surgery

B. -Nasogastric tube insertion

70- Pt with diastolic murmur femoral pistol shot


71- What need immediate intervention in neonate

A. absent femoral pulsation

B. -deep notch on spine

72- Child mild fever with diarrhea

A. delay all vaccine

B. give all vaccines

C. give all except OPV
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73- Pt with unstable angina on aspirin , lisinopril , warfarin, statin developed MI

after control what to add


74- Syndrome which come

bruton agamm

: Good pasteur

* Child fail on his hand ( radius & ulna) , what you will do ?

A) Reassure

B) Cast


** picture of blood smear for malaria & ask about, what’s the type?

A) falciparum

B) vivax

C) malarea


** Prophylaxis for malaria?

A)atovaquone or mefloquine


** Case of polymyalgia rheumatica


** Celiac disease —->biopsy—-> atrophy


** Patient came after laparoscopic cholecystectomy e discharge from the site of

midole ?

A) daily dressing

B) wound inspection

C) exploration

** Congestive heart failure is

A) with poor prognosis

B) best ttt with diuretic

C) associated with RBBB


** 10 y\o boy presented to clinic with 3 week history of limping and it getting

worse in the morning ?

A) slipped capital femoral epiphysis


** Phylloid —-> excision


** 25 y\o female complain of breast tenderness before period , there’s family hx

of breast cancer?

A) breast US


** Irregular menses , c\o of pain during menses with uterosacral ligament


A) endometriosis ✅

B) adenomyosis


** picture of HSP —-> ttt suppurative

** Anal pain with discharge?

A) perineal abscess


** milestone 3 years—-> drow triangle


** Battle’s sign —> basal skull fracture


** Cauliflower lesions


** SCA —-> ttt hydroxy urea


** SCA —> give him vaccine


** Meningitis—-> lumber puncture


** Gram +ve , B hemolytic +ve

A) ampicillin

B) cefapime


** SCA ( low platelet, low RBCs , pancytopenia) —> hyper spleenism

——-> splenectomy
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Tension pneumothorax —-> Chest tube


** Hemothorax : blood in pleural space

Sign : absent heart sound and dull to percussion

Dx: chest Xray or CT chest ( blunting of costopherenic angle

ttt: pneumothorax and tension pneumothorax—> needle decompression then

chest tube , hemothorax : chest tube


** Elderly pt in icu with low thyroid lab , what’s the diagnosis?

A) hashimoto

B) hypothyroidism

C) sick thyroid syndrome ✅

# Typical case of tb

- isolation.

#pleuratic fluid analysis


- tb

- parapneumonic effusion

- empiema. #pnuomothorax #hepatitis only dx

- acute

#primary polydypsia

#menegitis transmitted by air born

#absence seziure ttt.

#diabetes inspidus

# female with vaginal bleeding and closed cx ( threatened abortion)?

#ECV contraindications

# female with vaginal bleeding , us? The case about ectopic pregnancy ttt (


#female with irregular vaginal bleeding she is on ocp she wants to conceive ( not

sure )

# breach presentation

#post partium hge ( primary , sexondary )

#lobar stages

#pelvic pain in female 12yo the pain start since she has the peroid what u should

give her ?



#female 40 yo with abnormal uterine bleeding you told her she need to do

hysterectomy , she want to take consult ( or concent ) from another doc ?

#SCA lab , has vasooclusive crisis from 1 month what u should do about

vacccination ?

#pt with diarrhea, oligouria , vomiting , RBC in urin?

- supportive

- steroid

#milatone ! ( cannot يالغي؟ - cannot set without support )





#pt with elevated pt +ptt ,

- factor 10 def

- chronic #RTA with polyurea, ( DI )

Increase patient emotion ,aggressive against his family ,

affected side of brain

-my answer: Frontal


X linked gamaglobulinemia


patient has recurrent infection , has one brother and two sisters died (sudden


-cardio genic shock

- elevated capillary pressure

c-bactremia sepsis or septic shock


breast feedin (مكرر.. (


-active TB

-expree milk with activ TB

-expree milk with activ HIV

pyloric stenosis diadnosed by US....TX?



case of GERD,irritation of lower esophgus ,and hyperplasia.mx?


-Smoking cessation


testicular torsion...mx?

- surgery


vaccine contrindicated in pregnancy


vaccine contrindicated for child with immuno-deficiency?



vaccine for child on steroid for long timeand cushingoid apperance , when to


- stop steroid and give after one month


CTG ... 4 cases

-LATE deceleration <== placental suffieciency

-EARLY deceleration ===<

head compression , variable , cord compression


pregnancy seizures =====<magnesium sulfate


child with sever abdominal pain , you find tender in testis. Ex :testis horizontal

above the other tetis

-scrotal US



umbilicus ... symphis ... pubis

q not clear

فوق : pubis-



physical activity for adult

-30mn 10days per month

-15 mn 6 days per week



chronic liver with symptomes ..disease( q not clear)
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